Introducing Limpinwood Organic Farm

Introducing Limpinwood Organic Farm

The Limpinwood Organic Farm Project is being developed and run by Bio-Logical Consultants in Northern New South Wales as an educational project to demonstrate how to effectively reclaim and regenerate non-organic farmland into a certified organic farm.

The Property

The Limpinwood Organic Farm is comprised of 12 acres in total of which 8 acres is traditional red soil country.

The other 4 acres are on the other side of the road and has approximately 300 metres of creek frontage.

The land is basically north facing and has a large shed which includes a residence.

Up until approx 5 years ago the property had a large number of productive citrus & stone fruit trees.

The land was leased for sweet potato growing & the fruit trees were removed.

During the last 5 years very little maintenance has been done to the land or buildings.

The Project

The Limpinwood Organic Farm Project will establish an educational facility and hold organic farming workshops to assist people in growing their own food organically. There will be limited accommodation available for stayovers or workers.

The whole property is to be certified organic & to include a herb garden, productive growing areas for vegetables, citrus, stonefruit & berries along with native regeneration areas.

A key component of our Organic Farm Project will see us recording, in text, video and photographs, the progress and challenges that we face in applying our chosen solutions in regenerating this to certified organic farmland.

Introduction To Limpinwood Organic Farm

Here we are on the 7th February 2017 as the journey of Limpinwood Organic Farm is about to start. You can see here that we have the most extensive crop of setaria and farmers friend that we’ve ever seen.

So, the first thing we’ll be doing is slashing all this down so we can see exactly what we’ve got. It’s had sweet potatoes growing in it and used a lot of chemicals, both in fertaliser and for weed control so it needs some rejuvination in the soil. We’ll do soil tests and have them analysed and then we’ll work out exactly what we need to do in this area to try and get the quality of soil that we want to have for the project we have in mind.

Clearing Limpinwood Organic Farm

Here we are on the 9th March 2017 as we’re slashing down here at the bottom paddock, you can see the height of the farmers friends here which is really the result of a lot of use of the likes of glyphosate weed killer. Farmers friends are the ones that come back first, they really love it, so we need to get all this down. It’s going to be a long project to try and get rid of this but it will happen.

There is also a lot of the moth from the heliothis caterpillar in here too so i don’t know what he was spraying them with initially but that’s not going to do much for the sweet potato crop that they had in here because they’ll certainly get into it, being in the ground and stuff so it’s not surprising that the crop wasn’t very successful.

The Challenges

The property has, for the last few years been leased for the growing of “conventional” sweet potatoes.  We suspect that significant quantities of various chemicals have been used so we need to embark on a program to remove the contamination & rejuvenate the soil.

How To Be Involved

You can follow the progress here on our Organic Farming Blog or via Facebook to stay up to date on the Limpinwood Organic Farm Project.

If you would like to be physically involved you would be most welcome, simply Click Here To Contact Us and make arrangements to join us on our journey.