7 Tips For Growing A Healthy Organic Garden

Here are some great tips to help you grow a healthy organic garden:

  1. Before planting seedlings dunk them in a 5% solution of seaweed extract, this helps to protect them from transplant shock.
  2. Liquid manures can contain pathogens, They should only be applied directly to the soil & not to the plant itself. Wash your hands thoroughly after using them.
  3. The white cabbage moth is territorial, therefore hanging white plastic butterflies cut from ice cream containers with help to reduce their numbers. Spreading white egg shells in between your veges works the same way.
  4. For potted plants ( seedlings, herbs etc ) that have dried out & the soil become hydrophobic so won’t absorb water. Make a solution of 5% fish emulsion & dunk the pots in up to the top of the pot until all the air bubbles are gone. This is your best chance to save them
  5. Always plant seedlings deeply so that the lower leaves are just out of the ground, This will encourage the development of more side roots which will stabilise the plant.
  6. Coffee is toxic to slugs & snails. Get used coffee grounds from your local café & make a 10% solution using very hot water, stir well & allow to stand overnight. Do not mix again but pour off the liquid into a watering can & water over any plants affected by these pests. The grains can be spread around plants as well.
  7. The brown stain you get on your hands when working with tomatoes can be easily removed by crushing a green tomato & rubbing it all over your hands, wash off with soapy water.

Do you have any great organic gardening tips you would like to share?  Leave a comment and let us know, we would love to hear them.

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